Dear Fellow People and Well-wishers
We have immense pleasure to greet you with our heartiest welcome on be half of our non-profitable organization BNVS . Let us introduce ourselves as one of the country’s most innovative and pioneer in the servitude of social health and education in the society with its inception from 1st August, 1995. We established our office at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is 10 minutes bus-journey from Farmgate, the nerve-point of Dhaka.

Since 1991, we have been thinking to establish an organisation and cherishing that dream. We were so strenuous and striving a lot to come to a stage what we are today now. We still have a long passage to proceed to. We believe that some of the first and foremost primitive fundamental needs are humans' housing, education and health issues for which humans are instrumental, active and operational throughout the Ages to have better habitation, education and health.

People are now in huge need of care in the survival for life. Globe is getting closer as One Village in this competitive Age. In this Cyberspace, life is becoming more materialistic. Now some people are living beyond margin of livelihood. Since they do become more vulnerable, we would like to create resilience in them to utilize their potentials to cope up all the adversaries they tend to face. We love humans. We love to see their happiness. Once humanitarian icon Mother Teresa told: It is not about how much you do but how much love you put into what you do that counts.From that philanthropic viewpoint, we also feel an impulsion to do the best of it, best for people and nation.

We have been keen, active and effort-oriented to make qualitative, durable, useful service in the demand of the modern age. We believe quality approaches first, benefit is it natural sequence. We are one of the prominent non-profitable organisation in Bangladesh since we incepted the idea to establish so in 1995. Bangladesh is now over populated country with emerging development in economy.Now a segment of people is being more vulnerable in the competitive world. We are always standing by to assist them sustain and live utmost.

In this development of Bangladesh of 21 st century. Not only our country, we are also thinking to expand our efforts and service to different countries at a greater gradual extent.

We possess humbleness to request all our well-wishers to go through our Company's website here to have a detailed and broader view on our BNVS's endeavours and activities. We are always thankful to you all.

And we cordially welcome you to visit our Organisation.

Thanking a great deal.

Best Regards
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Bangladesh National Voluntary Services (Pvt.) Ltd.