Health care - BNVS

Over a series of success stories that it deserves, BNVS Healthcare Ltd has undertaken different efforts to deliver modern health facilities inside and outside the country to cover the people from all walks of life under the benefit of healthcare via health card system which is first system of this kind in Bangladesh like as some other modern countries of the world. National and International Standard Health Service Card Project was launched in June 2006 through an applauded ceremony held in VIP Lounge at the National Press Club. It has been continuing its activities with well cooperation of reputed hospitals/clinics /diagnostic centers/ physicians of the country and abroad. Launching this health card system, BNVS gets ahead another step to ensure a low cost medical facilities of people from all strata in the country.

Organizing Framework

BNVS has a General Committee consisted of 30 members and 11 out of whom formed an Executive Committee. It is Biannually selected and assigned with the task of implementing its activities and policies.
Mr Zafar lqbal Chowdhury is the present Chairman of the committee.

Managing Eligibility

BNVS involves a strong management by its eligible workers and an impeccable Accounting and Book Keeping System. It is controlled by competent administrative and pecuinary rulcs and regulations.

Health care - BNVS

Health care - BNVS
Service Perimeter

It involves the whole Bangladesh which are Dhaka and Chittagong Metropolitan Areas and now this organization is extensively workng in Magura, Barisal, Rangpur, Dinazpur, and Gopalgonj. BNVS has plan to expand its activities and service more to each district of Bangladesh.

Objectives of BNVS Healthcare

There is an array of BNVS's activities for ensuring the best healthcare services
* To ensure available economical medical services for the people of every strata inside and outside the country.
* To cover health insurance to make affordable medical service available for the people.
* Pregnancy and delivery treatment of women and to ensure antenatal care of mother and child.
* Special low-cost medical service for student.
* To take special arrangement of treatment for low earning people in the society.
If is fundamental rights for the humans to ger medical services and BNVS aims for assuring this right for the peopl. To include the people of all strate irrespective of rich-poor and other indiscriminative classification in coverage of modem health service.

BNVS Health Card

BNVS Hcalthcare has been transmitting Health Cards that involve counselling wth all national and nterational clinics diagnostic centers, hospitals and physicians covenanted with the society and an assurance of cheap medical services.

Health care - BNVS

BNVS Healthcare in Health Service

Health is the root of all happiness
Most of the ill people are unable to bear outer section treatment at hospitals. Nonetheless , while they face the exigency of admitting in hospital, the additional expenses of treatment stand for the reason of extra concern. So people can make use BNVS health cards to ensure an expensive modern medical facility for their family and themselves under the benefits of health insurance, so there’s getting no worry about high expenses of treatment.

Facilities for Card Member by BNVS Healthcare

This facility involves different tests and examination of Card Holder (Members) patients of BNVS Healthcare, concerned with clinics, hospitals and physicians and treatment at-
40% discount as well as all kinds of facılities and assurance of Health insurance benefit from BDT 5,000.00 BDT onwards.In case of accident/mutilation/permanent disability, then a natural good medical services is assured.
1,50,000.00 under health insurance policy.
Death coverage to provide insurance benefit from BDT 25,000.00 onwards.
BNVS stands by to communicate and exchange information with patients and their relatives and to provide all assistance including admission and care for special visiting specialist physicians for ill patients upto BDT 5,00,000.00 under the same insurance policy.
Hospital care is also available through 24-hour Patient Care Monitoring Cell.
Patients at the hospitals by staff physicians/personnel.
BNVS provides the poor patients with good health service by itsvown specialist Doctors at cheap cost.

Information on Membership and Value of card

There is a Health Card for each person who is interested to be a member.
You should show this card to the authority at the time of admittance to and at the discharge time from the hospital and paying bills as evidence.
This card will carry urgent contact numbers of the health society and other relevant information. This health card should be renewed by depositing due fees in every year before 01 (one) month of completing 01 (one) year from the date of issue.

Information of Health insurance

Any well person of 01-65 years age can be involved in coverage of this insurance. Your spouse, dependents and you can take this health insurance policy. Submit your health card with fixed premium according to age to take the health insurance policy. Duration of the policy is 01 (one) year. And it should be renewed before 01 (one) month of the anniversary of 01 (one) year.

Disease/cases beyond insurance:
Hospitalization insurance is not applicable in the following cases:
· Previous disease before adoption of insurance.
· Natural delivery of child.
· Regular medical checkup.
· Beauty facial treatment/acupuncture.
· Rest for gradual recovery of health after sickness.

Method of receiving Insurance demand

The company shall pay off insurance demand within 7-10 days of the submission by you of legal original copy of medical bill for disposal of issuance demand.

Process of medical admission and submission of insurance demand

For medical treatment, patient can admit only in the hospitals authorized by BNVS company and any govt-hospital. If you require to admit in hospital, patient must contact our Medical Advisor/Customer Care Service beforehand with the prescription by physician and the Customer Care Service shall assist in patients' easy admission and well treatment at the hospitals of patients' choice under the coverage of health card and the health insurance benefits. Patient is responsible to directly pay medical bill for treatment at authorized hospitals. However, patients shall have to pay for any additional of discount to be given by the hospitals and insurance benefit or any bill beyoond coverage of insurance by the authority before leaving the hospital. In case of emergency or where there is no authorized hospital, patient can admit to any unauthorized hospital, provided s/he must inform to customer care service about his/her admittance within 48 hours of admission. In the case patient shall pay their bill to the hospital authority and submit original copies of medical bills to the company for fisposal of insurance demand.

In addition, BNVS has almost 1,000 authorized hospitals/clinics/diagnostic centers across the country which involve area based hospitals in Dhaka and Chittagong division and divisional/area based hospitals in Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Barisal Division. BNVS shall provide our members a list showing category-wise facilities for the members.